Glass Table Tops and Shower Doors in Miami Shores, Florida 

Dallas Glass & Mirror Company, Inc. Services 

The installation and replacement of glass – doors, windows, mirrors, showers and much more – is the specialty of the professional team here at Dallas Glass & Mirror Company, Inc.. Having been in business since the 1950s we have a deserved reputation for the excellence of our workmanship and high standing in the community in and around Miami Shores, Florida. We pride ourselves on the fact we offer quality, service, experience and reliability, a combination we believe keeps us ahead of our competitors.

Whatever glass size you are looking for, we either have it in stock or can custom cut it on your behalf. We have two specialist technicians who do all the cutting. Everything from vanity mirrors, frameless showers, and replacement mirrors are routine work our experts carry out for both residential and customers in the area. And if you want tempered glass installed anywhere in the house for safety reasons, then we can do that for you too.


Our experienced technicians can handle glass window replacement of any size. Most of our calls come from home owners but sometimes we are contacted by large companies to install a number of windows at once. We can give an estimate over the phone, and that is determined by the size of the glass, but we will always visit to carry out measurements. If everything is agreed, we will get a deposit for the materials then go ahead and replace the windows.

 Table Tops 

At Dallas Glass & Mirror Company, Inc. we are set apart from our competitors in the area by our willingness to carry out small glass jobs such as the replacement of table tops for residential customers. Many other companies prefer to do bigger jobs only. We have expert technicians at our premises in Miami Shores, Florida, who will cut and shape the glass to suit your needs. They can also provide patterned table tops.

 Glass Entry Doors 

All form of glass entry doors are replaced and installed by the team here at Dallas Glass & Mirror Company, Inc.. Patio doors, sliding glass doors and other types are all put in regularly by our experienced staff. If you are the do-it-yourself type, you can buy glass from us and replace it yourself. But if you need help we will schedule an appointment for an installer to come out and do it for you.

 Mirrored Walls and Doors 

Installing mirrors for both residential and commercial clients is one of the cornerstones of our business. If you want a floor to ceiling mirror in your home, we would need an aluminum channel to sit on the base board and glued on the wall to keep it from tipping. At our shop in Miami Shores, Florida, we can cut patterns on the glass but every mirror, no matter how high the quality, will age over time so sealant is needed at the edges.

 Insulated Glass 

Insulated glass units – known as double or triple glazing – are essential in many parts of the country to keep out draughts and cold at certain times of the year. It is no different here in and around Miami Shores, Florida. We are happy to fit any size of window to your property from large picture windows to bay windows and the addition of insulated units will make your home that bit cozier.

 Architectural Glass 

We employ skilled craftsmen who work on creating stunning architectural glass panels that will enhance any building. They are particularly popular for use in the external walls of large commercial buildings. Many glass partitions also incorporate architectural features and we can build in special features such as tempered glass or toughened glass for safety purposes.

 Glass Shelves 

The installation of custom glass shelving is becoming ever popular throughout homes and offices. They bring a touch of style to any room and they can blend in with any form of décor, whether in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms or offices. At Dallas Glass & Mirror Company, Inc. our glass cutters will custom make the glass to your required size and come to your home and fit it for you.

 Storefront Windows 

The installation of storefront windows is a service we offer to the many thousands of businesses that operate in the greater Miami area. Both small and large businesses come to us to replace and install large glass frames in the knowledge that we have been around for many decades and are a tried and trusted local firm with a reputation for the excellence of our workmanship.

 Tempered Safety Glass 

Many clients nowadays ask us to install tempered safety glass, or toughened glass, because of the special safety features it contains. If tempered glass breaks, it shatters into small particles that are unlikely to cause serious damage or injury compared with a traditional window pane or glass shard. It is commonly used in sliding doors, large windows that extend down to ground level, and skylight windows.